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Stretch, Breath Work, and Recovery

Stretch, Breath Work, and Recovery

The recovery is just as important as the strength work. Use this library to add to your morning routine, your nighttime, your mid-day stretch break, or whenever you are feeling tight in your ligaments and your joints. Stretching is the best way to keep your body "young" and mobile.

Stretch, Breath Work, and Recovery
  • Deep Digestion, Hip, and Spine Gentle Recovery Release

    Enjoy a great meal? Let me help with your digestion with one of my most favorite spinal releases and hip openers.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specialist before performing any of the exercises in this program. You should obtain specific approval before perf...

  • 15 Min Weighted Abs and Deep Stretch in the Hamptons

    A great tool to stack, or to try the days you're not feeling motivated - try this deep core and stretch from the full "Hamptons Sculpt" routine with me on the platform. Enjoy! Intensity - Gentle. Props - a mat, weights (optional). Style - Barre Sculpt.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your ...

  • Reset. Recover. Renew.

    Join me from Santorini, Greece to slow down, calm your nervous system, and renew. No props needed. This is a great tool to add to your morning or nighttime routine.

  • Slow Recovery Flow

    A great tool to keep coming back to ... This stretch is also prenatal friendly.

  • 10 Min Weighted Bridge and Deep Stretch

    Feel the deep booty burn with me down on your mat. This series is short and effective, complimented with a deep full-body stretch. Style - Deep Pilates Flow. Intensity - Gentle. Props - a yoga mat, add ankle weights to level-up.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care...

  • 10 Min Goodnight Release Stretch

    The best way to end the day.

  • Good Morning Stretch - Come Into Your Body

    The recovery is just as important as the strength work. Use this Good Morning Stretch to claim your day.

  • 5 Min Good Morning Stretch

    (No Music) Without a doubt, the best way to start the day. Add this to your morning routine to feel the best in your body daily. No props needed.

  • 4-Min Calm Lake Stretch

    Save this to "My List" on the platform for when you need a feel-good, full-body stretch (this is always in my nighttime routine). This stretch was shot in Lake Como, Italy. I hope you enjoy!

  • Grounding Breath Work

    Take a breathe with me. Girls, it is so important to connect to our pelvic floors consistently. For women carrying a child it is even more crucial for labor and recovery. Save this to do daily, as it will also enhance your abdominal work, as well as ease any stress and anxiety.

  • 12 Min Power Booty, Abs, Stretch

    No cardio: In the 'pilates world' we call this the pretzel position, so I stylized it up and gave it some Silhouette-flare to make it the most fun (and effective!). This is a part of the full Power N.27 workout. Intensity - Strong. Props - a yoga mat.

  • 12 Min Power Pilates Warm-Up

    Save this Special Tool to "My List" to add to any workout - this is the warm-up to the full "Deep House Pilates Flow - BODY" Workout on the platform. All you need is yourself to feel this deep stretch + core connection. Intensity - Gentle

  • 10 Min Power Band + Stretch

    Fuel your inner power in a short and effective quickie. This is the"sculpt" portion of the Power N.25 Signature Workout. Add a resistance band to level-up, then treat your body to a deep stretch. Intensity - Gentle

  • 9 Min Stretch to Help You Digest

    Feeling a little "stuffed"? I know the feeling. Here's a great tool for you to get things moving again. Enjoy!

  • 5 Min Yummy Back + Hip Stretch

    Save this for when you slept funny, for when you need a work break, or for when your back/hips are tight. Intensity - Gentle

  • 8 Min Power Mat Series + Stretch

    The perfect quickie - fire up your core, glutes, upper body, and breathe in this short about of time. Followed by a feel-good stretch. Intensity - Gentle

  • 4 Min Recovery Stretch

    It is extremely beneficial to our joints and ligaments to stretch daily. Save this to do often. Intensity - Gentle

  • 12 Min Quickie Power Mat Series + Stretch

    Enjoy this fun quickie that hits all the right places. No special props needed. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly. Intensity - Gentle

  • Pre-Workout Standing Stretch

    Save this to "My List" to add before any workout.

  • 18 Min Adv Banded Arms, Bridge, Abs, and Stretch

    The perfect well-rounded quickie - strengthen every muscle group in your body in this fun series. Add a resistance loop band along with your 2/3 pound lightweights to level-up this upper body series.

  • 5 Min Gentle Stretch and Breath Work - Costa Rica

    Take a breath.

  • 6 Min Abs and Full-Body Stretch - Costa Rica

    A gentle short ... sometimes this is all you need.

  • Day 17 - Sunrise Stretch

    Take a breath.