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Postnatal Programs and Library

Postnatal Programs and Library

One day at a time - I am here to help you re-find your strength. Ease yourself into working out again (once you have been cleared by your physician) and we WILL get you feeling your best again in your new body. Here are some tools to help you ease in. I recommend starting with these routines/programs being as consistent as you can, and then check out the "20 Min" and "Gentle" category, and then you will be venturing into the "Barre Sculpt" and "Power Dance" categories following along the weekly schedule again in no time!

Postnatal Programs and Library
  • Mama and Me (postnatal)

    4 items

    Hey mama, let me help you habit stack. It's time to focus on you. Grab your newborn and the carrier and let's get you feeling your best.

  • Fire Abs Reset: 5-Day Program

    5 items

    Are you ready to see, and most importantly FEEL, a transformation in your core? This fire abs reset is a Silhouette tool to keep coming back to: learn how to access your truest, deepest layers of your core in a smart, effective way to level-up the efficiency of every workout you do. *This program...

  • The Definitions Program

    8 items

    Are you ready to bring the heat? This is a Program built to help you define every major muscle group in your body while entering your workout through mindfulness.

  • On Your Mat - Ring/Ball Fire Abs (Replay)

    For members who love using the ring! If you don't have a pilates ring yet you can also do this series using a resistance loop band/ball, or nothing at all! Don't miss this meditative connection to your core. This series is also great for postnatal mama's looking to reconnect to their deep pelvic ...

  • Deep Pilates Flow - Let's have a Ball!

    Using my most favorite prop for the optimal smoldering burn - check out this new pilates flow. Intensity - Gentle. Style - Deep Pilates. Props - just a ball.

    Link to order your ball (discount code "Silhouette"):

    Disclaimer: You ...

  • Deep Pilates Flow - A Reset

    Join me for this special moment of self-love, self-respect, and self-care. Intensity - Gentle. Style - Deep Pilates. Props - can be done using nothing at all, add lightweights/a pilates ball to level-up.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specialist before perfor...

  • Your Truest Core/Prenatal & Postnatal/Pelvic Floor

    Do you know how to tap into your core's strongest potential? Whether you are a prenatal mama in her 1st trimester, or a postnatal mama looking to reconnect to her core, or if you are in general looking to have a better understanding to see and feel a difference in your deepest abdominal fibers (y...

  • 25 Min Sil Stripped - Long, Strong Legs (Replay)

    Gentle, yet effective. Join me for this unique routine. Style - Sil Stripped. No props. Intensity - gentle. *This series is prenatal-friendly if you are in your 1st or 2nd trimester and don't feel abdominal pressure in a plank.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care ...