Beginner Program

Beginner Program

Welcome to the Silhouette platform! This is the perfect place to start - whether you're brand new to Silhouette, or low-impact workouts in general, this is the perfect tool to welcome you to the global Silhouette community and style. I selfishly created a platform of workouts that both feel-good and are the most effective use of your time. These are the workouts that will leave you wanting more, that your future self will thank you for. Remember as with anything - the more you practice the Silhouette Method, the more you will get out of it. Be patient, and have fun! This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and grow.

A few quick notes ...
- You receive a brand new Signature workout every week! There will usually be 40/30/20 minute options available
- You receive 2 live classes with Alexis a month! Your free code is distributed to you in the newsletter monthly
- Scroll below to see that you can filter your workouts via props/time length ... so be sure to individualize your workout as much as possible

As with anything, the more you practice the Silhouette method the more you will get out of it and feel changes internally and externally. Be patient with yourself, and most importantly, have fun!

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Beginner Program
  • Barre Basics II

    Simple, yet so effective. Refine your barre positioning and notice how long, tall, strong, and all-around amazing you feel by the end of this Signature workout. Props - a yoga mat, lightweights, and a barre. Add ankle weights, one heavy weight (5-8 pounds), and a pilates ball or small pillow to l...

  • Grace

    Not only do we stand tall and graceful Silhouette, but we also need to practice giving ourselves some grace. Forgive yourself for skipping a day, forgive yourself for getting out of a routine, or for enjoying and indulging with friends and family, and talk to yourself kindly with grace. Remember,...

  • Barre Basics

    A great place to start your Silhouette journey: This is a chance to begin, as well as a chance to enhance and deepen, your Silhouette practice. This is a chance to fine-tune the basic Silhouette Signature format in the sense of finding when to connect to your breath, working on your technique and...