Jump Into Spring Challenge

Jump Into Spring Challenge

3..2..1..Let's GO! This fun challenge fuses together all 3 Silhouette formats for a balanced and effective experience: Signature Barre Sculpt, Deep Pilates, and Power Dance Cardio. Add this to your SBA Weekly Schedule or do it on it's own, dedicate just 7 days consecutively to feeling your best and loving your unique, beautiful Silhouette™ with me.

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Jump Into Spring Challenge
  • Day 1

    Day 1 - A fire full-body mat series. Props - a yoga mat and 2/3 pound lightweights. Add an ankle weight to level-up,

  • Day 2

    Dance Cardio! Grab your sneakers and 2-pound lightweights.

  • Day 3

    A FIRE full-body standing series! Props - a chair. Add ankle weights/a resistance loop band to level-up.

  • Day 4

    Fire Arms and Abs. All you need is a mat and 2/3 pound lightweights if you'd like to level-up!

  • Day 5

    Are you ready for a strong upper body? Props - a mat and 2/3 pound lightweights.

  • Day 7

    The big finish! Props - a yoga mat. Add ankle weights to level-up!