Free Workouts for Non-Members

Free Workouts for Non-Members

Interested in starting a membership, but not quite sure what the Silhouette Method is about? Here is an example of our full-body Signature workout, which you will receive brand new each week. We also offer quickie combo workouts ranging from 5-35 minutes for those short on time.

Free Workouts for Non-Members
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  • Feel

    A testament to your practice - for those who love a full 40-minute class experience right from home, embark on this journey right from your mat with me and begin to feel again. Props - A mat, lightweights, a chair or stool. Add ankle weights to level-up. Intensity - Strong

  • Get Gritty with It

    The Silhouette Method doesn't waste any time - every move has a purpose, every series helps you get the most out of the next one. So here is your chance to treat yourself to an upbeat, gritty good time. Props - a yoga mat, lightweights, a surface to help you balance. To level-up add a glider or f...