Start with these 3 Signature Workouts

Start with these 3 Signature Workouts

There are so many videos on this platform, where should you begin? Let me help. The weekly schedule is always available for you, as well as the newest workout will always be the first thing you see when you open the APP. Here are three member favorite's that are a great place to begin featuring all of Silhouette's Signature Styles: Barre Sculpt, Deep Pilates, and Power Dance Cardio. Keep in mind - Silhouette™ is a practice - the more you do it the more you will get out of it!

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Start with these 3 Signature Workouts
  • Evolve

    As one of my most favorite women once said, "we can do hard things". I invite you to join me in working smarter and truly maximizing your time tuning in. This unique routine starts you down on your mat, and then we build up to a power standing series. Style - Silhouette™ Signature Barre. Props - ...

  • Deep House Pilates Flow - Lake Como

    Definitely a 1st for Silhouette (and maybe my most favorite location we've done yet!), Escape on your mat with me in Lake Como, Italy and feel a full-body release, a power leg burn, and a very deep core workout. Who's been to Lake Como before?! Style - Deep House Pilates Flow. Intensity - Gentle....

  • Power N.33

    What are the biggest benefits of dance cardio? Not only does it improve your sleep, benefit your brain and joint health, but it's also a guaranteed mood boost! Dance with me in this follow-along combo, explore these "dancer's arms" requiring no weights to feel the muscle fatigue, and then take it...