Current Member Favorites

Current Member Favorites

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Current Member Favorites
  • Fire Arms and Abs

    A unique full body sculpt that will leave you feeling empowered, in your body, and like you can truly tackle anything. There is an option to double-up on weights here (hands and ankles). Keep in mind if you consider yourself more of a beginner or are new to the platform I highly recommend startin...

  • Finish Strong - Part 1

    What's the best way to start a new beginning? To make a promise to yourself to finish strong. This week's workout is shorter, the perfect compliment to the 'Revive Retreat' on the platform. All you need for Part 1 is a mat and lightweights, look out for Part 2 launching next week! Style - Silhoue...

  • 10 Min Goodnight Release Stretch

    The best way to end the day.

  • February 22nd LIVE - 25 Min Empowering Full-Body

    There is no better time spent on your mat than leaving with more power and confidence than you walked in with. Join me with your lightweights (maybe your ankle weights as well) as we empower our minds, our breath, and our bodies together.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or h...

  • 16 Min Abs-to-the-Beat and Inner Thighs

    I'm not sure we have ever worked the inner thighs so much on this platform! Feel that deeper connection to your core by enhancing your inner thigh strength to connect to your pelvic floor. This is the workout that will benefit every workout you do. Style - Silhouette™ Barre Sculpt. Props - a yoga...