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Current Member Favorites

Current Member Favorites

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Current Member Favorites
  • Naughty November

    Minimal and Mindful - she's so deep she's naughty! Let's turn up this heat with this sneaky power full-body burn. Style - Silhouette™ Barre Sculpt. Intensity - Strong. Props - ball (or block), weights, chair. Add ankle weights to level-up.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or ...

  • Santorini Sculpt

    "We are not here to stay stagnant. We are here to make a change, to get a little uncomfortable, and to grow today. Are you with me?" Escape to serene Santorini with me on your mat in this SBA exclusive I filmed for you. Style - Signature Barre Sculpt. Intensity - Gentle. Props - a table, weights,...

  • Power N.42

    All standing - join me for this power standing series that tests your endurance, particularly in your lower body as there is no portion down on your mat. Style - Power Dance Cardio. Intensity - Strong. Props - sneakers, a resistance loop band, and a chair. *This series is prenatal friendly as lon...

  • Reset. Recover. Renew.

    Join me from Santorini, Greece to slow down, calm your nervous system, and renew. No props needed. This is a great tool to add to your morning or nighttime routine.

  • 12 Min Power Side Body

    Strengthen your hips and core - add a ball for a little more instability to level-up. This is the finale of the full Power N.41 routine on the platform. Intensity - Strong. Props - sneakers or ankle weights, a mat, add a ball (optional). Style - Barre Sculpt. *This routine is prenatal friendly.


  • 15 Min Strong Weighted Core and Glutes

    Looking to work your full front-side-body abdominals plus your side-body obliques and glutes? Try this strong routine from the full "Sil Strong" routine on the APP. Intensity - Strong. Props - a yoga mat, add 2/3 pound weights to level-up. Style - Barre Sculpt.

    Disclaimer: You should always cons...

  • 7 Min Short Glute Power-Up

    A powerful short! Add ankle weights for more intensity. This side-lying series will strengthen your hip mobility and strength. Intensity - Gentle