TRANSFORM: A 4-Week Intensive

TRANSFORM: A 4-Week Intensive

4 Seasons

The kick in the booty you've been craving - Join me on this unique journey: 4 weeks to transform your strength, commitment to yourself, and to most importantly transform how you feel in your silhouette everyday. This program enhances your balance, strength, flexibility in a safe and effective way: low-impact, high-intensity. Notice all of these routines are in the Barre Sculpt or Deep Pilates category only. While you can complete any of these using just a mat, chair, and lightweights, you will also be given the option to add a ball, glide (sock), or ankle weights. So the real question is, are you ready to transform?

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TRANSFORM: A 4-Week Intensive
  • Transform Intensive 4-Week Calendar

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    Save to your device to help keep you accountable! Also join the whatsapp group to be in the know here -

  • Transform Barre Sculpt

    Episode 1

    This is your time to FEEL ALIVE again! Join me and awaken your senses and tap into new strength you didn't even know you had. Style - Barre Sculpt. Intensity - Strong. Props - a chair, 2/3 pound lightweights, a yoga mat. Add ankle weights to level-up. *This routine is prenatal friendly.


  • Deep Side Body

    Episode 2

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    The perfect series to feel a deep sculpt in your obliques, outer thighs, and glutes. This is a great series to repeat to avoid sciatica and arthritis, also to relieve back pain. Style - Deep Pil...

  • A Hamptons Sculpt

    Episode 3

    3 Reasons to remember why resistance training is so key to the Silhouette Method: It works the muscle fibers in different ways. It keeps your routine from becoming stagnant. It's fun because you really cannot cheat it, even on your "laziest" day! Try this fun routine I filmed in the Hamptons for ...

  • 12 Min Power Side Body

    Episode 4

    Strengthen your hips and core - add a ball for a little more instability to level-up. This is the finale of the full Power N.41 routine on the platform. Intensity - Strong. Props - sneakers or ankle weights, a mat, add a ball (optional). Style - Barre Sculpt. *This routine is prenatal friendly.


  • On Your Mat - Ring/Ball Fire Abs (Replay)

    Episode 5

    For members who love using the ring! If you don't have a pilates ring yet you can also do this series using a resistance loop band/ball, or nothing at all! Don't miss this meditative connection to your core. This series is also great for postnatal mama's looking to reconnect to their deep pelvic ...

  • Evolve

    Episode 6

    As one of my most favorite women once said, "we can do hard things". I invite you to join me in working smarter and truly maximizing your time tuning in. This unique routine starts you down on your mat, and then we build up to a power standing series. Style - Silhouette™ Signature Barre. Props - ...

  • On Your Mat - Towel Fire Abs (Replay)

    Episode 7

    A special replay of your weekly livestream - all you need is a mat and a towel. I recommend adding this to "My List" to add to your weekly routine. Style - Deep Pilates. Props - a yoga mat and a towel. Intensity - Gentle.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specia...