10 Min

10 Min

Here you will find many of the workouts that are around 10 minutes long.

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10 Min
  • 14 Min Deep Pilates Leg Burn

    Escape right from home - this lower body burn is extremely effective. Add ankle weights to level-up, take the time to connect the breath to the movement to enhance your mindfulness and therefore enhance your practice. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly. P.S. Stay tuned for bloopers! I...

  • 10 Min Gentle, Quiet Cardio Warm-Up

    Ssshhh ... this is your secret weapon. For the days you don't feel like jumping, or for the days you need to kick it out, or for the times when you are working through an injury: here is your quiet cardio. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly. No props needed. Intensity - Gentle

  • 13 Min Pilates Bridge, Glutes, Abs, and Stretch - NO CARDIO

    Did you know ... a bridge strengthens the abs, glutes, hamstrings, and pelvic floor? Level-Up your bridge series by adding a pilates ring or ball.

  • 13 Min Dynamic Dancer's Arms

    It's time to take your upper body workout up a notch, this dynamic series is killer yet Alexis' energy is completely contagious. Ready to sculpt those arms?

  • 9 Min Standing Cardio to Mat Legs and Stretch

    Wake the body up with this standing cardiovascular leg series, then deepen the burn by isolating the glutes and hamstrings on the mat. End this quickie with a, sigh, feel good release and stretch. No props needed, add ankle weights for a bigger sparkle.

  • 10 Min Basic Abs and Bridge and Planks

    Classic Pilates Abs plus a basic plank series for a quick core power-up! This series can be done with or without your ioball, use it to add more intensity. This series is not prenatal friendly.

  • 16 Min Stanging Legs + Full-Body Power-Up + Pilates Abs

    Here is the 20-minute version of your Signature "Hot Girl Summer" workout. Props: all you need is a mat and a chair. Add ankle weights if you'd like a little extra sparkle!

  • 13 Min Just Dance Cardio

    This is your 13-minute follow along dance cardio with Alexis. Don't want to jump? Feel free to keep this grounded and walk it out. Looking for a deeper sparkle? Add lightweights to the ankles or palms. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • 14 Min Arms with Glider Legs

    This is a fun one: utilize a glider or small towel to stylistically strengthen the upper and body. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • Quickie Signature Flow - Costa Rica

    Need a quick power-up? Check out this full-body signature flow with Alexis that will re-connect you to your breath, get the creative juices flowing, as well as give you an energy boost! This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly and is a great warm-up tool. No props needed. Filmed in Costa Rica.

  • 10 Min Banded Leg Quickie and Stretch

    The perfect quickie to tune-up your legs, add a resistance loop band for more intensity. Be sure to take the time to indulge in the full-body stretch thereafter.

  • 14 Min Legs, Standing Abs, and Stretch

    No Cardio: The perfect quickie for when you don't want to break a sweat. Grab your pilates ball or small pillow. To level-up add ankle weights.

  • 9 Min Just Dance Cardio

    Looking for a quickie sparkle? Check out this fun follow-along dance cardio that will boost your energy and work up a sweat. No props needed, we do recommend sneakers on. Prefer low-impact? Follow the footwork as a step, instead of a hop. Intensity - strong

  • 10ish Min Pilates Abs

    A quick abs tune-up: Grab your pilates ring or ball and sculpt the deepest layer of your core. Can also be done using no equipment. This series is not prenatal friendly, however it is postnatal friendly.

  • 5 Min Gentle Stretch and Breath Work - Costa Rica

    Take a breath.

  • 6 Min Abs and Full-Body Stretch - Costa Rica

    A gentle quickie ... sometimes this is all you need.

  • 5 Min Abs and Inner Thighs

    This quickie is a perfect add-on to another workout for a powerful abdominal power-up. Can be done without any props, or add a pilates ball for more intensity.

  • Maui Morning

    14 Minutes

  • 5 Min Pacific Planks - Miami

    5 Minutes

  • 11 Min Fun Follow-Along Cardio

    A quick warm-up or power-up tool, get that body moving and feeling fierce! Add ankle weights for a deeper sweat.

  • 7 Min Arms + Balance Challenge - Int/Adv - NYC

    No ioBall? Try this series keeping your heels 1 inch off the floor.

  • 9 Min Glider Legs - Int/Adv - NYC

    Challenge your balance + stability while strengthening your thighs and glutes.

  • 10 Min Cardio Arms - NYC

    Strengthen your upper body while elevating your heart rate with Blogger Mel from @Headstandsandheels and Alexis.

  • Anguilla Air

    9 Minutes