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Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

23 Min Legs and Arms - Costa Rica

Lower Body • 23m

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  • 23 Min Wall Legs, Standing Legs, and ...

    Introducing the wall sit! This series starts on the wall, into standing lower body, into lower body on the mat, into a quick energy booster, into a feel-good stretch. This quick, effective combo has it all. Props: a wall, a chair, a mat. Optional: ankle weights.

  • 13 Min Glutes and Abs and Stretching ...

    You don't even need to come to standing: strengthen the hips to alleviate hip pain. Strengthen your core with this pilates inspired series. Then fully release into a full body stretch that will leave you feeling open and relaxed. Props: a mat, ankle weights (*optional). Intensity - Gentle

  • 18 Min Combo - Legs, Abs, and Stretch

    Try this standing flow to power up your lower body, then take this to the mat and sculpt your abdominals. Grab your pilates ball or small pillow to add a bit more of a balance challenge in your core, don't let that pelvis wiggle! Then indulge in a full-body stretch.