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Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

February 22nd LIVE - 25 Min Empowering Full-Body

Silhouette™ Signature Barre Sculpt • 25m

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  • 24 Min Power Leg Series (on the mat a...

    A progression that starts standing, then flows to your mat. The word "Power" is in the title for a reason, as this is not your average lower body workout. Are you ready to level-up? Intensity - Strong. Style - Silhouette™ Barre Sculpt. Props - a yoga mat, a chair, add ankle weights to level-up.


  • HOLD (Yourself Accountable)

    The beauty, but also the challenge, of a virtual platform is the freedom that comes with it. As much as I wish I could work out for each of you, the scientists just haven't figured that one out yet (ha!). So it is up to you to hold yourself accountable. Let's celebrate just that in this week's un...

  • 9 Min Barre Standing Legs

    A perfect workout to stack, this is a classic barre standing leg series. This is a series from the full "Evolve" 40-minute workout on the platform. Intensity - Strong. Style - Silhouette™ Signature Barre. Props - a chair.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specia...