Newest Workouts

Newest Workouts

Here you'll find the newest editions uploaded to the Silhouette Library.

Newest Workouts
  • Power Pilates Program

    8 videos

    Introducing a brand new program that will not only enhance your Silhouette experience, but will enhance every aspect of your life. Access your breath deeper than before, enhance your flexibility and your form, strengthen every major muscle group in your body, better your balance ... and that is j...

  • No Ego

    You know that little voice in the back of your head, maybe he/she is judgmental, holding you back ...? Let's see what happens when we let him or her go. How free do you feel? How powerful is it to have no inhibitions and to completely let go? Props - a yoga mat, 2/3 pound lightweights, and grab a...

  • 12 Min Quickie Power Mat Series + Stretch

    Enjoy this fun quickie that hits all the right places. No special props needed. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • 21 Min 'No Ego' Banded arms and Standing Legs

    Talk about a great full-body work-up, this series is all standing. There are no planks. Props, lightweights, a chair, add a resistance band to level-up

  • Beginner Program

    3 videos

    Welcome to the Silhouette platform! This is the perfect place to start - whether you're brand new to Silhouette, or low-impact workouts in general, this is the perfect tool to welcome you to the global Silhouette community and style. I selfishly created a platform of workouts that both feel-good ...

  • Silhouette Signature Full-Body Workouts

    96 videos

    Here is where you will find your brand new weekly workouts! These are your 30-45 minute Silhouette Signature stylized workouts. These workouts will always tap into every major muscle group, help you connect to your breath, help you reach your longest and strongest potential. Every workout can be ...

  • No Special Props Needed

    70 videos

    Here you will find ALL SBA workouts that only require the basics - a yoga mat, 2/3-pound lightweights, and a chair/barre/couch to assist with stability. You can try any of these on-the-go. If you are looking for a workout with a specific prop, search "ball", "band", or "ring".