Newest Workouts

Newest Workouts

Here you'll find the newest editions uploaded to the Silhouette Library.

Newest Workouts
  • 2023 25-Day Holiday Countdown - Dec 6th

    Outer legs and abs

  • DPF - The Towel

    Here's a Sil Secret - repeat this series 1x a week for 8 weeks, see and FEEL a complete transformation in your core! All you need is a towel. Save this to 'My List' as a tool to keep returning home to as consistently training your core with a series like this will drastically change how you carry...

  • Sil @ Equinox - Nov 26th Livestream Recording

    Live on the platform for only 14 days - A special holiday treat! Join me for this unique 35-Min full-body sculpt I am teaching in-person in the Equinox clubs. Props - a towel, lightweights, and a mat.

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