Newest Workouts

Newest Workouts

Here you'll find the newest editions uploaded to the Silhouette Library.

Newest Workouts
  • Power N.27

    Are you ready to drop it with me?! Wow I'm not sure if I just woke up in a mood or if I just hopped on the crazy train, but I hope you feel my energy and good vibes in this one. Style - Power Dance Cardio. Props - sneakers, lightweights, a yoga mat. Add a glider to level-up. Intensity - Strong. T...

  • 12 Min Power Booty, Abs, Stretch

    No cardio: In the 'pilates world' we call this the pretzel position, so I stylized it up and gave it some Silhouette-flare to make it the most fun (and effective!). This is a part of the full Power N.27 workout. Intensity - Strong. Props - a yoga mat.

  • Power Abs Challenge

    5 items

    Are you ready to undergo a transformation? All you need is lightweights and a mat, this challenge will enhance your relationship to your breath, your core, and your overall mind-body connection.

  • This Month's Content Calendar

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    Download, print, or save to your device to keep you accountable!

  • (BODY)
    13 items


    13 items

    Here you will find all workouts using just your bodyweight (take these anywhere when you travel)

  • Beginner Program

    6 items

    Welcome to the Silhouette platform! This is the perfect place to start - whether you're brand new to Silhouette, or low-impact workouts in general, this is the perfect tool to welcome you to the global Silhouette community and style. I selfishly created a platform of workouts that both feel-good ...

  • Full-Body Workouts

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    Here is where you will find your brand new weekly workouts! These are your 30-45 minute Silhouette Signature stylized workouts. These workouts will always tap into every major muscle group, help you connect to your breath, help you reach your longest and strongest potential. Every workout can be ...

  • Live Classes

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    Don't miss this! Recordings only stay live until the next live class