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Yoga-Inspired Silhouette Signature Flows

Yoga-Inspired Silhouette Signature Flows

Inspired from yoga, try these gentle Signature Silhouette flows for when you just want to de-stress and move your body freely. These can also be used as great warm-up tools.

Yoga-Inspired Silhouette Signature Flows
  • Authentic Mat Pilates Flow - 25 Minutes

    This NYC livestream is a refreshing visit back to the basics. No props needed. This is a great tool to keep in your toolbox (save to "My List" to return to again and again!).

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specialist before performing any of the exercises in ...

  • 11 Min Calming, Strong Costa Rica Flow (BODY)

    Hear the quiet? A very intimate experience for when you need to slow down, listen to your breath (and the Costa Rican birds), and fuel your day with mindful movement. No props needed, this is a part of your BODY category (which you can always search as these workouts use just your bodyweight). In...

  • 20 Min Adv Strong Pilates Flow

    The perfect flow to set the tone for your day - work through any tightness with spinal mobility and breath work, then flow through a strong abdominal and glute flow. Props - a yoga mat, pilates ball, and ankle weights. Intensity-Strong

  • 8 Min Signature Flow - Costa Rica

    Need a quick power-up? Check out this full-body signature flow with Alexis that will re-connect you to your breath, get the creative juices flowing, as well as give you an energy boost! This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly and is a great warm-up tool. No props needed. Filmed in Costa Rica.

  • 15 Min Silhouette Signature Flow in Costa Rica

    This flow is a stylized escape of movement on the beaches of Costa Rica. There are no planks, can be done using no equipment. Add ankle weights for more intensity. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • Good Morning Flow

    The perfect way to start your day, use this tool as a quick warm-up/power-up solution. After this you will be ready to show up for your day!

  • Feel + Flow - Lake of the Ozarks

    6 Minutes

  • Wake Up - Lake of the Ozarks

    9 Minutes

  • Lake Leg Lullaby - Lake of the Ozarks

    8 Minutes

  • At the Lake - Lake of the Ozarks

    6 Minutes

  • Anguilla Air

    9 Minutes

  • Maui Morning

    14 Minutes