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Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

24 Min Full-Body (GLIDING)

Routines with a Glide • 23m

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  • 16 Min Glider Arms + Planks

    An Advanced Silhouette Series - add gliders or fluffy socks to your upper body workout, then go for your deepest abdominal work in your planks with the glider as well. This series is upbeat, and the sparkle is real! Don't forget to breathe (and have fun). Props - gliders or fluffy socks, lightwei...

  • 30 Min Mat Booty and Sliding Abs

    The perfect series to do right from home - start with a power glutes and abs series (add the ball for an advanced balance challenge) and then fire up your core with a gliding series. This is a shortened version of the full "Deep Pilates Flow - All On Your Mat" workout. Style - Deep Pilates Flow. ...

  • Sil Stripped - Amplify

    Your tool to enhance your form to amplify your burn. No music, an intimate experience to learn how to use your breath for the deepest activation. Style - Sil Stripped. Props - add (fluffy) socks for a deeper burn. Can be done using nothing at all! Intensity - Gentle.

    Disclaimer: You should alway...