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Power Abs Challenge

Power Abs Challenge

Are you ready to undergo a transformation? All you need is lightweights and a mat, this challenge will enhance your relationship to your breath, your core, and your overall mind-body connection.

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Power Abs Challenge
  • Power Abs Challenge - Day 1

    Are your abdominals ready for this FIRE? All you need is a yoga mat (and lightweights if you'd like to level-up), you will walk out of this challenge carrying yourself taller, more connected to your breath and your core. Make the promise now to see this through until the very end.

  • Power Abs Challenge - Day 2

    Ready for fire obliques?

  • Power Abs Challenge - Day 3

    What is unique about this challenge is we work your abdominals on all planes of your body: front, side, and back. Today you will feel the deeper core connection in your planks.

  • Power Abs Challenge - Day 4

    Today - Commit to a transformation.

  • Power Abs Challenge - Day 5

    How do you feel?! Congratulation on finishing this Power Abs Challenge so strong. Keep this in your back pocket for whenever you need a power-up, as this will stay available to you on the platform. What challenge should we do next?