Killer Arms and Abs Challenge

Killer Arms and Abs Challenge

Do you have 25(ish) minutes to enhance your core and upper body strength? Join me for this special 5-day challenge.

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Killer Arms and Abs Challenge
  • Day 1

    Join me in this fire triceps and core quickie!

  • Day 2

    Today's focus - biceps and deep core. Simple, yet effective. The routine starts at 58 seconds.

  • Day 3

    How strong is your back? Join me for this full 30-minute routine. All you need is your mat and lightweights.

  • Day 4

    Are your abs and upper body feeling stronger already?! Today is a special fusion ...

  • Day 5

    The final day! Using all of the new strength you have built this week - come with me to level-up and take the burn up a notch!