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Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

Watch this video and more on Silhouette By Alexis

On Your Mat - Towel Fire Abs (Replay)

Just Pilates • 20m

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  • Sil Stripped - Align

    Allow me to help you to re-align with yourself, your posture, and your practice. Simple, straight forward, and effective. Intensity - gentle. Props - just a mat. Style - Sil Stripped.

    Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or health care specialist before performing any of the exer...

  • St. Bart's - On Your Mat - Deep Bande...

    Escape with me - build muscular endurance using the time under tension method with your band. Intensity - Gentle. Style - Deep Pilates. Props - a yoga mat and a resistance loop band. *I apologize for the blur at 9:40, please take this opportunity to finish the set looking away from the screen and...

  • On Your Mat - Deep Cheeks (Booty)

    Join me for this gentle, yet powerful on your mat deep 20-minute booty burn, the first of our brand new "on your mat" series. In this series the choreography is more simple so you can take it to a gym, or use it as a tool to ease in your routine. Style - Deep Pilates. Intensity - Gentle. Props - ...

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