Just Pilates

Just Pilates

Revisit pilates classic exercises with these videos that require minimal, if any, equipment and are made for all levels, all bodies.

Just Pilates
  • Deep House Pilates Flow - Burn

    The Silhouette Method is a unique, effective blend of barre, pilates, sculpting, and dance cardio curated to optimize your home virtual studio experience and enhance your strength, flexibility, confidence, and balance in a manner that is not damaging to your body. This Deep House Pilates Flow cla...

  • 14 Min Deep Pilates Leg Burn

    Escape right from home - this lower body burn is extremely effective. Add ankle weights to level-up, take the time to connect the breath to the movement to enhance your mindfulness and therefore enhance your practice. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly. P.S. Stay tuned for bloopers!

  • 10ish Min Pilates Abs

    A quick abs tune-up: Grab your pilates ring or ball and sculpt the deepest layer of your core. Can also be done using no equipment. This series is not prenatal friendly, however it is postnatal friendly.

  • 15 Min Silhouette Signature Flow in Costa Rica

    This flow is a stylized escape of movement on the beaches of Costa Rica. There are no planks, can be done using no equipment. Add ankle weights for more intensity. This series is prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • 11 Min Flow

    A great warm-up or quick power-up tool, here is a 11 min full-body flow to bring some warmth to your soul.

  • 17 Min Full-Body Pilates Flow

    Grab your pilates ring, although this can be done without, and exercise breathe and core control in this effective standing and mat series that will access all the tiny muscles.

  • 15 Min Banded Upper Body - Int/Pro

    Try this fierce full-body series. No band? Use lightweights.

  • 7 Min Quickie Glute Power-Up

    A powerful quickie, add ankle weights for more intensity. This side-lying series will strengthen your hip mobility and strength.

  • 14 Min Deep Burn Pilates Abs + Arms

    This Signature Pilates flow is a deep abdominal burn followed by an arm flow down on your mat. All you need is a yoga mat and lightweights

  • 7 Min Pilates Ring Mat Series

    We only recommend this series if you have a pilates ring ... take your abdominal work to a new depth. This series is not prenatal or postnatal friendly.

  • 12 Min No Props Full-Body Pilates Series

    Save this to "My List" for the next time you need a quick, effective hotel room workout that hits all the major muscles. This series is not prenatal or postnatal friendly.

  • 10 Min Pilates Lower Body Standing and Clamshell - Int/Adv

    Challenge your balance and stability in this series that is both standing as well as on the mat. Can be done with or without a pilates ball. This series is prenatal/postnatal friendly.

  • 19 Min Pilates Balance + Abs - Basic & Pro

    No props needed: This is a full-body pilates flow that focuses on the abdominals and your balance.

  • 9 Min Standing Abs and Thighs - Basic/Int

    Change up your ab workouts with this standing abdominal series that also sculpts your lower body. This is prenatal/postnatal friendly, as well as can be done with or without a pilates ring.

  • 4 Min Pilates Posture Series

    This series is key, especially for anyone who sits often (for work), has back pain, or has scoliosis. This series is quick and effective, however it is not prenatal or postnatal friendly.

  • 5 Min Side Lying Hip and Glute Exercise

    This is a great hip and glute series that can be done with or without your pilates ring. This series is also prenatal and postnatal friendly.

  • 14 Min Pilates Glute and Hip Strengthening Series - Basic/Int

    Slow your lower body workout down today with this spicy series that can be executed both with and without your pilates ball.

  • Pilates Abs - Series of 5

    This is your classic pilates series of 5 ... with some Silhouette inspo. Follow Alexis as she spices up this classic abdominal exercise.

  • 19 Min Pilates Abs and Inner Thighs - Basic/Int

    This series will be demonstrated both with and without a pilates ball. Fire up your abs and inner thighs for a strong core!

  • 8 Min Pilates Bridge Series - NYC

    This series will fire up your glutes, abs, hamstrings, calves, and thighs. No equipment needed. Filmed in NYC.

  • 12 Min Balancing Legs

    Challenge your balance, integrate your breathe, strengthen all the lower body in this pilates series.