Healthy Habits Program

Healthy Habits Program

A Special Silhouette Add-On available to rent (for 14 days) or buy: Healthy Habits Start Now - think about this idea that 'How you do everything is how you do everything'. This is the perfect tool to kickstart your daily Healthy Habits again. Why not implement daily workouts complimented with small accessible health practices to help you elevate your health daily? In this program you will learn how to elevate your daily habits to help your digestion, energy levels, sleep, morning routine, self-care, and so much more. We are so excited to not only bring you 10 Signature 20-30 minute workouts, but to also partner with the incredible Holistic Health Coach Casey Stanton (@ElevatewithCase) who brings us incredible tools and tips to put into practice to live a healthier, more mindful lifestyle, as well as a few other useful surprises. Enhance your Silhouette from the inside-out with this unique, incredible program available to rent or purchase.

Healthy Habits Program
  • Healthy Habits - Day 1

    Congrats on committing to becoming a healthier you. We hope you enjoy this incredible journey together with us over the next 10 days. Today - Use these tips to enhance your Morning Routine + experience a Silhouette Signature full-body workout with Alexis

  • Healthy Habits - Day 2

    Chat detailed Mindfulness tips + indulge in a Silhouette Signature Upper Body-focused Workout

  • Healthy Habits - Day 3

    Casey walks you through how to effectively journal and focus on how you 'feel', and then Alexis guides you through a strong pilates abdominal workout to compliment the Signature workouts you did the past 2 days

  • Healthy Habits - Day 4

    Here discuss with Casey exactly how much protein you should eat with every meal for a healthy lifestyle, then enjoy a Silhouette Signature Lower-Body focused power workout with Alexis. All you need is a mat and a chair, grab ankle weights to level-up

  • Healthy Habits - Day 5

    Do you know how to optimize digestion? Listen to Casey's tips. Then enjoy a deep oblique power workout with Alexis

  • Healthy Habits - Day 6

    Casey helps us to learn how to listen to our body and understand cravings, and then Alexis takes us on a ride with a Silhouette Signature full body workout (grab a glider or a sock!)

  • Healthy Habits - Day 7

    Today discuss with Casey little tips and tricks you can do to get a better night's sleep, and then compliment this chat with a fun dance cardio workout with Alexis that will get your heart rate up and lessen any stress and anxiety

  • Healthy Habits - Day 8

    So how do we continue to implement small habits of self-care? Casey talks on self-talk, the power of the 'pause', and so much more. Alexis takes us through a killer pilates flow down on your mat

  • Healthy Habits - Day 9

    Add these tips to your nighttime routine, and then rock this really fun Silhouette Signature Upper Body Workout with Alexis

  • Healthy Habits - Day 10

    Congratulations on completing the Healthy Habits program! Celebrate not only your dedication to your practice, but also your dedication towards these new and improved habits. Congrats to you, we cannot wait to hear what you thought! XOXO, Casey and Alexis

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