Intro to Barre

Intro to Barre

For any new subscriber, here the purpose as well as the positions are broken down so you can get the most out of your Silhouette workout. For the pro's: don't be fooled! Revisiting the basics is always beneficial.

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Intro to Barre
  • Intro to Barre: Part 1

    An introduction to the purpose, postures, and verbiage one might hear in any barre class. After completing this series you'll be a barre pro! And capable of tackling any Silhouette workout. If you already are a barre pro, this series will bring you back to basics, which is challenging in itself!

  • Intro to Barre: Part 2

    Learn how to "turn out" from your hips and practice choreography in a wide stance that will leave your inner thighs burning.

  • Intro to barre: Part 3

    Learn what a parallel and turned out "Passe" is in any barre class. This choreography will better your posture and have your legs quivering in no time!

  • Intro to Barre: Part 4

    Alexis explains how the "attitude" can shape & strengthen your glutes.

  • Intro to Barre: Part 5

    Put all of the info you have learned together and realize you are now a Barre star!